Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dear Departmental Business Managers

You don't pay graduate students "just to go to school." So of them receive just barely enough money to pay the rent and buy food because once they jump through enough hoops without pissing off the wrong people and receive a Ph.D. they will still make less than you (and you probably barely got a 3.0 average in your undergrad business courses) If no one paid for them just to go to school, then 1) there would be many fewer professors to begin with and the ones who stuck it out and now have $200,000 in student loan debts would be even more bitter than they are now 2) there would be no one to grade 3) there would be no grant money and then you'd be out of a job. So mind your own business (literally and figuratively) and shut up.


[ I overheard our BM (and I now notice just what an appropriate abbreviation that is) complaining about grad students and had to interupt when I heard this because I actually needed her to do some work. Anyway, I am particularly annoyed with her right now because I am pretty sure she is going to try to f* up my pay. I agreed to teach for a fixed amount of money in addition to my regular post doc pay. I am teaching for a different department* and BM wants to recoup some of my pay from the other department. I said "all I know is that my agreement with advisor is that my salary from him does not change and I'll receive additional money for teaching" She said "well, I'll talk to advisor and other dept BM about it then"]

*My post doc advisor was in a dept and director of a separate but relatd program - this has created ridiculous and very petty problems for me to deal with. I told off the chair of other dept two weeks ago because they wouldn't give me an office (and yes I did get an office). Guess I won't be getting a job here at Isolation U.

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